Why was Nikhil Singal Noble Trust (Regd.) established?

The Trust was established to help underprivileged people and to promote education and medical facilities.

How old is this Trust ?

Trust was established in May, 2008.

What is the criteria to adopt/sponsor a child Education?

We select the children according to their merit and financial background only. Students need to apply in the trust for financial help by filling the form. The trust takes the decision after proper scrutiny of the form, personal interview and site investigation.

What is the criteria to select a patient for medical help?

We provide free medicines to all the patients admitted at civil Hospital, Ludhiana who are mostly of poor background.

How do we arrange funds?

The trust is getting funds from Trustees and donors.

What is the criteria to provide Water Purifiers and Coolers in Schools?

A survey was conducted by the Trust which brought to light that in many schools of Ludhiana there is no provision for cold & clean drinking water and the students have no alternative but to conserve underground water which is very much contaminated and highly injurious to health. The Trust started providing Water Purifiers and Water Coolers to schools which are financially unable to do so.

How do we ensure that only deserving person gets the aid?

Proper scrutiny, site-inspection, interviews are undertaken by the Trust officially for approving deserving applications. Application not fulfilling prescribed criteria are not accepted in the interest of the most deserving applicants.

Will you get the income tax exemption by giving donation to the trust?

Yes, all the donations made to the trust are eligible for Tax Relief U/s 80-G of Income Tax Act, 1961 vide order No. CIT-II/LDH./JB/80G/2011-12 Dated 21.09.2011 of the Commissioner of Income Tax-II, Ludhiana.

Do we have school of our own?

No. At present, we don’t have any school of our own and we sponsor the education of deserving children by paying their fee to the schools in which they are studying. We are, however, in the process of opening an English Medium School.

For vocational studies do you have vocational training centre?

No. We don’t have any vocational training centre. We receive the applications from the applicants desirous of getting Vocational Training. We scrutinize the case and, if found fulfilling are norms, we pay the fee to the institute directly.

Can I donate old clothes, computer, books, food supplies?

Each case is decided on merits but old clothes are not accepted.

Do you get any financial support from the government?

No, we are not getting any financial aid from government. The funds are received in donation from Trustees and Donors.

Has Nikhil Singal Noble Trust(Regd.) any literature/Brochure?

Yes. We have E- brochure, Click here to download.


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