Mission & Vision
  • To provide Professional Education to 400 students by March, 2018.
  • To provide 500 water purifiers and water coolers by March, 2018 in financially weak schools.
  • To plant 10,000 Trees in Ludhiana and surrounding areas by March, 2018.
  • To open an English medium school by the end of March, 2016 for providing quality education to the under privileged children.
  • To provide Medical support equipment to the 600 handicaps by March,2018.
  • To financially support 500 Thalassemia patients by March, 2018.
We believe that children live in difficult circumstances not by choice but by compulsion. Poverty, Urbanization, shrinking landholdings, a dysfunctional education system and several such social phenomena are to be blamed for their difficult situation. To make society free from illiteracy, disease, hunger and want especially the down-trodden and the under-privileged.

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Nikhil Singal Noble Trust (REGD.)
SCO 15, 2nd Floor, Near Nehru Sidhant Kendra, Pakhowal Road, Ludhiana- 141001.
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